The Guiding Principles of MyEleutheria

We believe that the right of individuals to freely and openly communicate is an unalienable right of all people. We operate MyEleutheria in a way that ensures that right is minimally infringed by us or by the law and that people are empowered to express themselves freely, openly, and without fear of censorship or retaliation. The following Principles are the very foundation on which MyEleutheria is built and will guide our decisions regarding the operation of this site.

1. Freedom of Expression.

Every subscriber has the inherent right of freedom of expression. MyEleutheria supports the right of our subscribers to express themselves in any manner they wish within our system – graphics, text, audio, or video – so long as the expression is consensual, within the law and, within our very limited rules.

2. Content Control.

Subscribers are free to post whatever content they choose on MyEleutheria so long as that content does not violate our Terms of Use and so long as such content does not violate US copyright laws.

3. Content Access.

Every subscriber has free access to content posted on MyEleutheria, unless otherwise stated. Our subscribers are free to access whatever information has been made publicly available on MyEleutheria.

4. Privacy.

Our subscribers are not a commodity to be bought, sold, or traded. They have the right to as much privacy as we can offer them regarding their personally identifiable information while they are using our service(s). Therefore, MyEleutheria will not sell, give, trade, or otherwise provide their personal information to any third party except to an American law enforcement agency which presents a legally sufficient subpoena or warrant or in any case where we are conducting an internal investigation regarding a breach of our Terms of Service which we deem to require the inclusion of law enforcement.

5. Trust.

It is incumbent upon MyEleutheria to establish and maintain the trust of our subscribers by fairly enforcing our Terms of Service and any other terms which may be associated with the use of any service(s) we may provide. That trust extends to providing fair notice to all subscribers of any changes that MyEleutheria might make to such Terms of Service or any other aspect of the service(s) offered. Therefore, any such changes will be posted no less than 14 days before such changes take effect. Any subscriber who objects to those changes is free to cancel their subscription by simply deleting their account.

6. Subscriber Input.

MyEleutheria will strive to provide our subscribers every opportunity to comment on proposed changes to our service(s) as well as any postings we make to the site, with limited exceptions (like our Guiding Principles). We will seek to include our subscribers in our decision making process and to make the decisions of that process known to our subscribers when such decisions have been finalized.

7. Subscriptions.

Subscriptions are freely available to anyone who is 13 years of age or older


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